Image collection

Since 1995 I have maintained an on-line collection of photographs of archaeological and archaeoastronomical interest from around the world. It was intended primarily as a research and reference tool, developed in relation to ongoing research about the sites in question, and was available for many years in an archive held on the Leicester University website.


This archive has now been removed, although two “virtual walkabouts” remain available on the Archaeology Data Service. Over the last few years I have accumulated several thousand more images, some of which can be seen in case studies on the UNESCO–IAU Portal to the Heritage of Astronomy.

I am now working to make the whole database available on-line as part of upgrades to this site and to My colleagues and I are hoping to have this completed and in place by sunmer 2024.

The banner images

The banner image is selected at random from a set whenever you refresh the page. You only see the central part on a narrow device like a phone.

The image you see will be one of the following: Balnuaran of Clava, Long Meg and her Daughters, or Stonehenge (UK), Chankillo (Peru), Er Lannic or Le Menec (France), Giza (Egypt), the sacred mountains of Gran Canaria (Spain), temple site NAK–30 (Maui, Hawaiian Islands), Tula (Mexico), or Zorats Karer (Armenia).